A List of Social Tagging Datasets Made Available for Research

This list is not exhaustive - help expand it!
Social Tagging SystemsResearch GroupSourceYear ObtainedAvailabilityContactReferences
CiteULikeOversity Ltd.PrimaryDaily Snapshots Via Download after Email (link) Richard Cameron 
BibsonomyKDEPrimaryPeriodical Snapshots every half yearAvailable after signed license agreementAndreas Hotho[Hotho 2006]
MovieLensGroupLensPrimary2009 Via Download (link) GroupLens Info[Sen 2006]
GiveALinkNaN GroupPrimaryCurrent information via APIVia APIFilippo Menczer[Markines 2009]
ESP GameLuis von AhnPrimary2006 Via Download (link) Luis von Ahn[VonAhn 2004]
DeliciousDAI LaborSecondary2007/2008Via Email RequestAlan Said[Wetzker 2006]
Delicious, Stumble Upon & WikipediaNLP and Information Retrieval Group Secondary2008/2009 Via Download (link) Arkaitz Zubiaga[Zubiaga 2009a] [Zubiaga 2009b] [Zubiaga 2009c]
Delicious, Flickr, Last.fm, zexe.netTAGoraSecondary2006, 2007, 2008 Via Download (link) Vittorio Loreto 
Delicious, Flickr, Diigo, Bibsonomy and othersAgents and Social ComputationSecondary2009Via Email RequestMarkus Strohmaier[Grahsl 2010]

In case you are aware of other available datasets, please let me know by leaving a comment on a corresponding blog post.

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[Grahsl 2010] H.P. Grahsl, C. Körner, M. Strohmaier. A Collection of Tagging Datasets Containing Complete Personomies From Heterogeneous Sources. Technical Report, Knowledge Management Institute, Graz University of Technology. To be published in 2010

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